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Microsoft + LinkedIn. What does that mean?

17 June 2016


Hello there!

This is our first post around here as we start to write a bit more about our routine, marketing, design and in between, you’ll learn a bit more about us.

So let me get started.

This week LinkedIn announced it was being bought by Microsoft. Btw, if you didn’t know this, where were you? let me give you some data. Quoting Microsoft’s announcement, both companies “have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash.”

That number came as surprise to many as LinkedIn took a loss in February when it’s share price dropped by more than 40% in a single day after their report stated that 2016 forecasts of revenues were lower than expected. Like other social channels, LinkedIn has yet to see profit. In 2015 alone, despite its $3 billion in revenue, the company made a net loss of around $165m.

Ok. But what does that mean to me as a marketer or a business owner?

At first I didn’t think through of what that really meant either. And I’ve been reading about it, listening to some podcasts and getting information and insights here and there and it hit me. They might blow it but they might also do some a-ma-zing things! Really. And the more you think about, the more you see the potential of it. One of the podcasts on my list called The Missing Link which is really focused on Linkedin was a great source of thinking.

With over 433 million members Microsoft is paying a rather high price per user. LinkedIn gets a bunch of cash and what is in for Microsoft? Data. All information about those 433 million members integrated with Microsoft’s tools can open a world of possibilities.

And those great possibilities can happen in either our day to day life like scheduling a meeting all the way to how we plan a new campaign. Imagine you are scheduling a meeting with John Doe. You never met him. Cortana might fill the gaps for you and give you all the background information about that person or that company. You might even find something in common as a talking point.

“- Great weather today. It is going to be 77F. You have one new email from your father and, by the way, the company you searched has an opening perfect for you.”

Freaky and awesome, right? Now imagine someone is searching for your company or product and that pitch deck -that was automatically uploaded to Slideshare- is right there for them to see.

For us marketers, that opens a whole new channel. Like having sponsored stories popping up at your client’s newsfeed. Paid advertising outsite LinkedIn and right there, on his desktop. Starting to see the potential?

Another thing we must keep in mind is that although Linkedin wasn’t very API friendly, Microsoft loves it. That means that soon we will be able to integrate a whole lot more and present content and advertising in a really targeted way.

Could this be Bing’s big revenge? Certainly searching for someone or some company would be a lot easier but does that mean better niches and clusters for paid ad? It just might.

As we encounter a ad blocking audience who is becoming more and more selective, having the right message on the right channel and most important, to a hand picked people becomes a must to get your message out there. Getting to know your audience is a priority and Microsoft is getting ahead in the game.

We do not know what Microsoft is actually going to do with all the information but one thing is for sure: The possibilities are countless. So stay tuned for the next chapters on social selling as Microsoft starts mastering the search and find of the right prospects for your business.

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