If you are interested in working with us, you came to the right place!

We connect freelance designers and developers from around the world to companies. The more diverse the better.

And how does that work?

Fill out the form

To become a part of our team is easy. Fill the form, which is a simple form with your information and areas of interest.

Take the test

The test is the development of a work in your area of interest. The duration of the test varies according to the type of product to be delivered. You will receive the briefing, available hours and all information to deliver the work. Once delivered, our staff will evaluate and grade it.

Wait for evaluation

After the test, you will be graded , which will help us rank you inside our system according to the type of work of interest and experience.

Check our

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It’s not that much different than what you would probably do in a traditional ad agency with the exception that you have the choice to either accept the job or not and can execute it wherever you feel like.

You get paid
for every delivered phase.


We have clients from all kind of segments and needs. From logos to websites, from brochures to the whole company’s identity, we offer a range of services.

icon-animationAnimation (2D 3D)
icon-animationApp Development
icon-animationBrand Manual
icon-animationBusiness Card
icon-animationLanding Page
icon-animationLogo Design
icon-animationSoftware Development
icon-animationTrade Show Display
icon-animationVehicle Wrap
icon-animationWebsite Development


How do I register as a designer or developer?

First you fill the form with your portfolio. A Project Manager from our team will evaluate your work and invite you to take a test. After the test is done, you will be ranked and will be able to receive jobs.

How do I register as a Project Manager?

First you fill the form with your resume. A Project Manager from our team will evaluate your experience and invite to do an interview. After the process is done, you will be ranked and will be able to receive jobs.

Where are the clients located?

Our customers are mainly in the United States and Brazil but we serve globally.

What about payment?

I thought you might ask. Our designers are paid per project or phase of the project according to the number of allocated hours. The amounts paid vary according to their level: from junior to senior, you can always be a part of Fastdezine. Also, you can be reevaluated and have your hourly rate updated as you are evolving. The whole process of payment, dates, etc. will be available in the manual that you will receive by email once you register as a collaborator.

Is there a fee to register as a collaborator?

Nope. You don’t pay anything to become part of Fastdezine’s talents.