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How to create a mockup (and close a sale!)

In a world that most demands are digital, we sometimes forget how offline media still plays an important role. So, for this post, we are going to talk a little bit about how to create a mockup for a sign in order to close a sale. Did you know that mockups can increase your sales up to 3 times? The end customer is not as used to mockups as an agency for example. And without knowing the end result, it can be harder for your client to envision and even order. In this post we will share some valuable and inside information […]

How to brief for an infographic

Following the last post about How to Build an Effective Infographic, we decided to write a complementary post on How to brief for an infographic. When building an infographic, a few things must stay on your mind. In this post we will go through the questions you should ask your client so you can better guide the designer and deliver something that matters to your client. We are talking about infographics here but lots of these questions can fit several products. First, start with the audience. What is the targeted audience? Is there a specific age range you want to […]

How to Build an Effective Infographic

An infographic is a fantastic approach to displaying information to others in a fun and unique way. Instead of reporting data in a general presentation, infographics allow you to demonstrate such information through visuals or diagrams that better appeal to the eye. If you see the same methods of reporting information within your company, this could be a way to switch up presentations. Infographics are also an ideal way for advertising to the public, since you can showcase important information quickly—and often cheaply—through online media. Of course, if you need to share a ton of information, an infographic might not […]

How to make the best out of your ebook (and not be just one more)

How to Make the Best out of your ebook? An ebook is an electronic format of a book that is downloaded using a PC, computer, tablet, laptop and other devices and it can either be a version of a printed book or an exclusive online version. The pdf books are often optimized to the online reader with more images or a better text display for tablets, iPads, etc. E-books are beneficial especially to business owners as an inbound marketing tool as part of a bigger marketing strategy since it provides a deeper level of content. Despite the fact that an […]

How to Get Results from Email Marketings

Every company should have a list of the email addresses of the people who are interested in their business. Whether it be for products, services, advice, communities, etc. It takes barely any time to collect these email addresses, and the value it provides for your company is invaluable. Every company should use that list to stay in touch with these people, to garner their support, share news with them, and occasionally, to sell to them. But remember to make sure all your contacts have opted in to your list and that you are following the CAN-SPAM Act guide of rules […]

Does my business need a landing page?

Does my business need a landing page? Websites that have more landing pages get more conversions. This is what the statistic from HubSpot’s research proved when they discovered that companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. Landing pages increase the number of leads from your website, marketers have proven this over and over again. So, yes, you need a landing page, in fact, you need several of them. Benefits of Landing Pages Easy to find offers Even when you have all the information about your company and what it […]

Template vs Unique design. Pros and Cons.

There is no perfect answer for choosing a design for your website. It’s either a boring template, or an expensive design that takes forever. But maybe not, maybe, if you know what you need from your design, you can choose the perfect solution for your company. Read through these pros and cons of buying a website template or getting a custom design and you’ll be able to make the best decision for your company. Pros And Cons of Buying A Website Template PROS Inexpensive investment: A template is the easy choice to get a website up and moving as quickly […]

Why Does My Client Need A Responsive Website?

Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet. A lot of people have both, and maybe a computer, too. We like to access the Internet, find answers to our questions, and have the ability to immediately connect. But, not every website we try to access is easy to use on a smartphone or tablet, is it? We type in the address, it finally loads, and the text is too small, links are difficult to click, you have to zoom in, and you have to look all over the place to find what you need. It’s a pain. Of course, it’s even […]

What Makes A Good Landing Page

What Makes A Good Landing Page? A landing page is a page on your website written to explain what you have to offer and help turn visitors into a lead, or buyer. Unlike other pages on your site landing pages are written specifically for conversion purposes, and almost always relate to a campaign for a particular product or offering. Landing pages are difficult to master, and when they aren’t done well they send visitors running for the back button. Since, a lot of landing page traffic is paid, this can be a costly investment if your page is not set […]

Microsoft + LinkedIn. What does that mean?

Hello there! This is our first post around here as we start to write a bit more about our routine, marketing, design and in between, you’ll learn a bit more about us. So let me get started. This week LinkedIn announced it was being bought by Microsoft. Btw, if you didn’t know this, where were you? let me give you some data. Quoting Microsoft’s announcement, both companies “have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash.” That number came as […]